2023-11-05 (Su) EWC_Cyberdeck Supplementary electrical insulation

The first time I power up a device is the most nerve-wracking because I could have a short that is difficult to track down, and all I know is that it exists. This time, everything powered up nicely, and I heard the computer acknowledge that a new device had been connected. When I set it down, I lost that connection. I thought it was my cable, a kludge of an extension with a USB-A to printer-style connection. I replaced it with a proper one, but the issue arose when I placed the MIDI unit down. I wiggled all the cables, but the problem was the Arduino rested on the back of the protoboard holding the tactile switches, and the solder joints were tall enough to cause a short when there was enough pressure. I inserted a plastic strip between the two, which was some scrap from the recycling bin.
Fully knobbed

GitHub repo for EWC_Cyberdeck.

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