2023-11-07 (Tu) EWC_Cyberdeck Enclosure design and failed cuts

I worried that whenever I picked up the device or sat it on the loose wires, I damaged it, so I drafted parts to make an enclosure. This one will be deeper than the keyboards, so I will not integrate the hexagonal standoffs. I designed shapes that will form columns around long M3 bolts and provide slots for rectangular panels. There are three shapes: one for the corners, one for the sides, and a second side, but with less clearance.
Enclosure parts

I cut a panel with all the parts, but the wood did not cut all the way. The circles, which were spacers, came out all right, and the rectangles worked, but I could only salvage a few of the column pieces. I started a second panel without the circles and rectangles, but it also failed. I will retry again.
Partially failed cuts

GitHub repo for EWC_Cyberdeck.

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