2023-11-11 (Sa) EWC_Cyberdeck Screen level shifters

I tried the Arduino sketch from EWC_Box, which works with these screens, but it still did not work, so the problem is with the wiring. I updated the drawing to show a couple of level shifters regulating voltage between the controller and screens.
Schematic with level shifters

When I opened the enclosure, I realized the power wire to the screens was disconnected due to a missing solder bridge. I attached it to 5V, and powered everything up. One of the screens turned blue, a new development, and one turned white for a moment, then went dark. I installed the level shifters on the prototyping board and connected 5V, 3.3V, and ground, then the signal wires. When I reapplied power, the dark screen stayed dark, and the blue screen was white again. When I sent 5V to them, I burned one or maybe both. Next time, I will use pluggable headers.
Level shifter boards

GitHub repo for EWC_Cyberdeck.

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