2023-11-14 (Tu) EWC_Cyberdeck Screen called via arrays

Yesterday, I made a list of ways to use my existing functions with the twin screens, and the least likely to work was to initialize each screen as part of an array, but it was a small time-gamble to try, and it worked! Instead of making unique arrays, I modified the existing code to accept an extra integer, zero or one, and it updated the appropriate screen. This also means I can update the screens via loops.
Treating each screen as an array entity

It took a while to upgrade all the functions and calls, but they were easy to test because the mode button still worked. I left regions alone if they worked exclusively with one set, like melody instrument names. The picture shows mode04, and the beat indicators only appear on the left screen.
Percussion mode showing different images

GitHub repo for EWC_Cyberdeck.

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