2023-11-19 (Su) EWC_Cyberdeck Encoders integrated

I thought about the troublesome encoder data for two days. I decided to modify my code, so when I turned clockwise, and the new position was negative, I would increment my internal value, which may have started from a non-zero number.

When I implemented the change, I started missing numbers when I twisted the knob quickly. The issue was that I did not treat severe angle changes differently than small ones, so if the encoder board reported "-5," the code just accepted it as a negative number and added one to the count.

I rectified the slow code by comparing the previous value and adding the difference. I also read the push buttons and changed five times faster when pressing the cap. I considered using these buttons to prandomize the numbers they controlled, and I may do so later.
Changing tempo five BPM at a time

GitHub repo for EWC_Cyberdeck.

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