2023-12-06 (W) EWC_Cyberdeck Main faceplate cutting

I brought my plywood to the maker space with some power tools. I used a circular handsaw to cut the edges, then sanded the edges by hand. I drilled into the interior sections with an eight-millimeter drill bit and cut rectangles with a handheld jigsaw. I kept far from the bolthole markings but knew I would enlarge the opening later. I drilled three-millimeter holes at all the places I marked.

I did a test fit of the screen section, and I was lucky that I did not have to change much. The holes aligned well, which I tested by inserting three M3 bolts. I had to trim a bit away near the switches, but it was so minor that I used a pocket knife.

The midi section required a lot of odd-shape cutting. At points, components sat close to the edge, and I had to expand the opening without damaging the bolt holes. After nearly a dozen modifications, I worked the MIDI section into the custom hole.
Screen and MIDI sections in place

GitHub repo for EWC_Cyberdeck.

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