2023-12-11 (M) Boombox battery replacement COMPLETE

I wanted a speaker for my EWC_Panel project that I built into lunch boxes, and I decided that an old-school boombox would be appropriate. Local stores only stock party speakers, and I wanted something retro. There were plenty of good-looking ghetto blasters, and I bought a low-end model. One of the caveats of this was that it didn't have a rechargeable battery. I could have purchased four rechargeable D-cells, but they cost as much as the radio, so I opted to build my own with stuff I had already.

1" schedule 40 PVC pipe is nearly the same diameter as D-cell batteries, so I bought a piece and some 3/4" threaded plugs that fit into the ends. I cut a couple of pieces of pipe to the same length as the compartment.
1" Schedule-40 PVC and 3/4" threaded plugs

I added aluminum tape strips to the outside of the plugs where they'll touch the boombox's contacts. I installed a bolt and nut on the positive tip, so they stick out a little. I countersank the bolt on the negative end, so it rested flush.
Positive and negative ends

The battery and voltage booster get separate pipes since they can't fit together. I used a long bolt for the negative terminal and mounted the threaded tip through the battery holder. Both ends of this tube are connected to the ground because it will act as a "slug." I'll have to reopen this tube to swap out the battery.
Battery holder mounted to plug

The voltage booster went into the other tube. I ran a wire between the battery and regulator pipes, and I'll use the boombox's battery compartment for the negative terminals. Before I sealed up the booster, I tuned it to six volts as measured by a digital multimeter.
Tuning to six volts

I added a switch to the conductor between the pipes to conserve power. Everything turned on as I hoped, and it played for hours before I needed a fresh battery. The 18650 lithium battery can deliver high power quickly, and I used an overqualified voltage booster.
Functional battery replacements

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