2023-12-24 (Su) CNCMachine Cutting

I fought settings and tutorials to figure out how to operate the machine with a custom shape, but first, I successfully ran a demo that carved a spoked wheel. I used a piece of cardboard to avoid damaging bits or the machine.
Successful first cut

The difficulty lies in getting a program to export G-code. Of course, many programs do this natively, but the manufacturer's instructions were incomplete and outdated. I toured some YouTube videos and found how to do it with AutoDesk Fusion 360. I have exported 3D models before, but .NC files were more complex. Once I generated the file, the trick was to select "Grbl / grbl" as my post processor, I could import to the default software and carved a thin shape into some hardboard. This cut was not a roaring success, but I can make the next piece with fewer errors.
Custom shape and depths

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