2024-01-05 (F) Weekly Summary

I ran fused power to the regulator, but it burned itself out. It could only sustain three amps briefly, and I did not get any pictures of it working. I secured the battery with adhesive Velcro and the keyboard with hitch pins. I need to solve the power issue and keyboard connection, but the cyberdeck is almost complete.
Needs power

I replaced the old voltage regulator with a more powerful unit and adjusted it to 12V. The computer powered up and stayed on without issues. Although the EWC_Cyberdeck is complete, there are still tasks remaining that I will attend to later. These tasks include wiping the micro PC, installing a fresh copy of Windows, and connecting the MIDI section to the PC. A separate but related project is to create a Bluetooth bridge for the keyboard.

Some of the Augmentation Limitless folx wanted a PCB badge for the next DEFCON, and I suggested a motorized stir plate. Another member upped the game by suggesting a PCB motor. I mocked up my design with a gear motor and some laser-cut parts.
Nylon stir rod

I watched Carl Bujega and learned about his PCB motor design. I also tried my hand at CAD design and made some successful shapes, including a rounded triangle and an arched rhombus.
Tight coils and concentric polygons

I was unhappy with the clunky first designs and started new coils. Some gaps are larger than I want for a final design, but the current goal is to get something workable, not ideal.
Large coils and their mirror images

I thought the resistance on my coils would be excessive, so I reduced the turns and widened the traces. After printing, I will need a way to connect an electronic speed controller, so I placed a second via at the outside of the coils to connect to the board below, and I centered the internal vias.
Array collection

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