2024-01-17 (W) AugLim RADARBadge Electrical connections

I drilled all the necessary holes with a rotary tool and a 1.0mm drill bit. Next time, I would like to do this with the CNC. I added short bits of wire to the holes and soldered on both sides to link the coils. I planned to place the bottom board with the copper touching the top, but I mounted them back to back, which inadvertently meant that I soldered the coils in parallel, so I had to cobble a solution with the short wires.

I thought cleaning the boards with a wire brush was pretty clever, but it broke some of the fragile traces. I tested each coil with a multimeter and found three breaks. I repaired them by applying flux across the break, tinning a 26AWG copper wire, soldering it, then trimming the excess wire.
Repairs and corrections

After all the broken traces and mismatched boards, I discovered that my enormous coils measured a fraction of an ohm. I suspected this would happen, and I will still connect an ESC. When I test, I will limit the current carefully to ensure I do not damage my electronics or the coils.
Nearly a short circuit

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