2024-01-27 (Sa) Gravy Shock Card game meteoriod images

I thought generating meteoroid images would be simple because irregular shapes and uneven surfaces, problems in most images, are integral for a rocky look. The textures came out nicer than I expected, but the AI added unnecessary flourishes.

Many images showed a brilliant light behind the asteroid, giving it a celestial appearance, but that was inappropriate for this context. Some of the keepers still have a shine from behind. The second worst problem was when the generator added planets or spherical bodies. Minor occurrences would be easy to erase, but many images had a corner featuring the horizon of some alien world.

I gathered 35 images that will need some work to be usable. I considered generating fields of stars and then superimposing a shot of a 3D meteoroid on top, but AI-generated 3D modeling is not ready yet.
AI-generated meteoroid images

Files on GitHub.
Interactive 3D houseboat model.

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