2024-02-02 (F) Weekly Summary

I had trouble generating meteoroid images using AI. The textures came out well, but the algorithm added unnecessary flourishes. Some images gave an inappropriate celestial vibe. I have 35 usable images, but they will require some work. I thought of generating fields of stars and superimposing a 3D meteoroid, but AI-generated 3D modeling is not ready yet.
Meteoroid pictures

The AI generated usable pictures of "Simple damage icon" and "Simple spaceship icon," so I made a lot and I am still deciding which to use. I also got some nice blocky borders for "pixel space card icon".
Simple icons

I'm creating prototype cards with hand-stamped double-blank playing cards. Stamping the card face does not require precision, so I will use a hand stamp which is quicker to apply but the back requires a jig. This time, I made a halo aroudn the words to avoid any accidental ink smudges from retangular borders.
Cutting and engraving draft for prototype cards

I tested new settings for laser-cutting rubber and had trouble getting deep enough. It took seven tries to find new variables that worked well for the "Ore" stamp. I managed to engrave the letters and leave the background, which should work for prototyping.
Freshly-cut rubber stamps

I made a platform for my "Meteoroid Damage" stamp using a piece of cabinetry hardware, a machine screw, and scrap plywood. I cut a rectangle for the stamp, sanded the edges, drilled and countersunk a hole, and installed the handle.
Hand-building a hand-stamp

I mounted my stamps on wooden platforms. The hand stamps went on hexagonal pieces, and the ones for card backs went on plates that fit into my stamping jig. When I finished, I saw that they were (not) mirrored.
Unmirrored stamps

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