2024-02-09 (F) Weekly Summary

I figured out how I cut stamps last time and modified the drawing to use the tidy outlines. It took 2.5 hours to engrave, and the result was great! I increased the outline cuts, and the laser almost got through the rubber.
Prominent letters and deep cuts

I used NASA.gov's free-to-use images for my card game because convincing an AI to generate star fields was difficult. I also created a stamp of my Granica logo, starting from scratch to get a fresh take with better proportions.
Granica logo

I built a rig to stamp cards reliably in the same place, but I didn't use it in my last card game. The unit worked well, but I wish it had a spring to raise the stamping head as my arm got tired while making 200 cards.
Decks half stamped

I created extra cards for the MINING and CARRIER decks using hand stamps for similar titles and permanent markers for unique titles. I also made damage trackers for the ships with five circles.
Hand-written cards

My fiancée and I played the first game and adjusted some rules. We removed some unnecessary cards and changed the damage tracker to make it less confusing. Now, undamaged is represented by a card full of trackers, and "Tow Requested" is shown when someone flips the card. I updated the cards to read "Ship Status" and added "Tow Requested" on the back.
Minor changes to miner game

I created ship damage markers that looked like a dial, but they used small covers instead of a spinning dial. The design was inspired by a desire to move physical pieces rather than push buttons or twist knobs. However, it was impractical for printing game pieces.
Unusable draft of damage tracker discs

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