2024-02-16 (F) Weekly Summary

I tried a new mechanic where players draw more and more cards as they spend time mining, but they could discard up to half. To balance it, I created enough cards that half of the deck inflicted damage. The deck went from 115 cards to 150.
New cards to test a new mechanic

I made copies of the damage-tracking tiles for each player using the laser engraver. The chits were painted black, red, and yellow to indicate the ship's health.
Laser-cut and spray-painted damage counters

I created digital cards using a template from thegamecrafter.com. I extended the AI-generated border, added meteoroid pictures, and scaled and positioned them. The final file was over 1 GB, resulting in over thirty high-resolution cards. The border will be reused for all the MINING cards.
Meteoroid Damage cards

Gameplay balance was affected by how many MINING cards to draw and discard. Players can get rid of half of the hand they draw. Earlier, 1/3 of cards caused damage, while players drew three but could only discard one. I made a list of 20 drawing options I will print on cards.
MINING card draw options

The Meteoroid Field deck's card back was designed to look nice even for a prototyping set. I found a techy-looking border in my AI-generated images, erased the central scenery, and replaced the red with black. I added a simple horizon image and gray text.
Meteoroid Field card back

The Meteoroid Field cards used the same border as the Meteoroid Damage ones. I used AI to generate Ore pictures, but they were disappointing. I want an artist to help me create something more refined, maybe with a periodic table graphic. I realized I designed everything as "US Game Card" instead of "Poker" sized, but I'll use slightly smaller cards since they cost the same.
Completed Meteoroid Field cards

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