2024-04-05 (F) Weekly Summary

I combined the look of fashion shutter shades with a monocle in PCB. The absurdity-to-cost ratio is very favorable, and I cannot wait to wear one. They may sit too close to the eye for comfort, but I can worry if they look cute.
Three monocle sizes

I created a round board to which someone could attach a Shitty-Add-On PCB according to the SAO standard. I designed it with two battery holders for balance and wired them in parallel, so it is possible to use one or two.
SAO accessory

I added the Grindfest logo to my lightbulb. I had to erase the filament and other features to integrate them, but the line thicknesses were similar, so the overall look was consistent.
Grindgest graphics on badge

I started a new bracer for my implanted LEDs that used a larger and more powerful coil, so it would not need to be as close as the first version. I connected a 22.2V battery, which worked, but I also used a USB battery bank and a PD trigger circuit to get 20V.
USB PD trigger and 24V coil

Like the first brace, the next brace will be made from Kydex, but my CNC can cut the plastic directly. I drafted the toolpaths around the red ellipse, which represented the coil. The four arms are for support, and the rectangle on the left will hold the electronics.
Cutting path for CNC machine

My first draft was too small in every direction, so I updated it and prepped it for the CNC machine. It was cutting smoothly until the machine reached a limit switch and stopped. I must reformat the draft to include holes to mount the plastic to the bed and cut the shape in multiple passes.
CNC cutting a brace

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