2024-04-12 (F) Weekly Summary

My CNC was built to accommodate infinitely long build dimensions, but it must be cut in sections. The spoil board had a regular pattern, so I copied it to the drawing, but I measured the M6 bolts, which were 5.75mm, and I wanted them snug.
Holes to match the spoil board mounting points

I cut the plastic hoop in two passes with the CNC machine, which turned out wonderfully. Once I cleaned up the edges with a razor, I fastened the electronics with zip ties, giving it a slight bow.
Frame with electronics

I slowly shaped the plastic to my arm by softening the structure with a heat gun and bending or pinching as necessary. The finished unit fits my wrist well, but I want to use a strap for the forearm near my elbow.
Wearable, but not stable

I redesigned the back half of REV3 to get rid of the short arms and use a strap instead. The cutting process had a few problems because I planned poorly for the mounting holes and forgot to cut one of the strap holes. The result came out great.
REV3 used a 3/4" (20mm) strap

I shaped the Kydex brace around a cardboard tube with a heat gun but took several passes and distorted the plastic. The plastic was forgiving, but I will always see the blemishes. I recorded a video of me twisting my arm and demonstrating the brace.
(0:11) Demonstrating REV3.1 brace

I drafted some wood pieces to protect the electronics and make it look more finished. The top and bottom will clamp onto the heat sink, and I will sandwich the USB port between two pieces of wood.
Drafting holder for the electronics

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