2024-04-16 (Tu) SubdermalWirelessLEDs Brace V2 COMPLETED

I drilled two 5mm holes in my first brace and mounted the bottom wooden piece with two nuts and bolts. I covered the exposed metal with a strip of Kapton tape. The structure was sturdy, but I had to bend the coil wires around several times to get it seated well. I replaced the barrel connector with a USB-C PD trigger module by desoldering the stock connector and soldering in the new one.
Brace V2 without cover

I assembled the rest of the enclosure like the first brace by inserting M3 bolts to clamp around the heat sink and acorn nuts to the top. When I connected power, the implant blinked instead of glowing steadily. I wonder if this is a problem or if the coil draws too little energy to keep the power supply on. My fiance and I put on the braces to get a picture with both of our implants glowing.
Both braces lighting up LEDs

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