2024-04-24 (W) PCBDiceTower Lubor's lens experiment

Video screens on a cyberpunk dice tower would be cool and appropriate, but costly. The designer and I decided upon stickers that change as you tilt them. Sometimes, they are 3D images or two pictures that morph into each other. We found an Etsy seller who did custom stickers, sometimes called lenticular images. The plastic lens over these images is used in magic tricks and "invisibility shields." I bought some of the credit card-sized sheets to test making moving pictures.

I drafted thin lines at different spacings to measure the lens characteristics. The lines start at 0.25mm apart and increase up to 3.00mm. When I held the lens to the paper, I saw different patterns as I pulled the card around. The best results came from the 1.00mm spacing, but I should see what happens when I vary the line width.

Lenticular experiment

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