2024-05-03 (F) Weekly Summary

I fixed the problem of blinding LEDs by applying pre-cut aluminum foil on a small hot-glue blob. It resulted in better lighting from any angle using less glue.
Shielded LED

I made some wood laser-cut dice towers a few years ago and dug up those unpublished journal entries. It is the best time to publish them. I made them for my cousin to test out some wood-burning techniques. I ran into an issue because I designed the towers with a different plywood thickness than the ones I cut. I tried correcting them immediately, but they needed a second day.
Dirty wooden dice towers

The plywood I chose last time was 1/4" (6.35mm), but this time it was 1/5" (5mm), so most of my measurements were unusable. I fixed the drawing and returned to the laser cutter for a second run. The parts fit neatly this time, but I still relied on glue to hold everything together. My cousin never collected the parts, but I learned about the importance of material thickness when designing.
Neatly nested tower and case

I bought a used badge printer with reliable hardware but expensive ribbons. I tried printing on a blank RFID card, but the machine pinched the ribbon and caused a mess. That problem was a broken drive belt that drew up the ribbon after printing. I replaced it with a rubber band and then with a smaller one, but it still would not print. Finally, I used a thick rubber band to make a custom size for the draw-up belt, but the printer produced faint cards and encountered frequent errors.
Broken belt received

I bought a kit to make custom o-rings using nitrile rubber and used super glue to hold the ends together. However, the black ink was still faint after printing, even when using a new ribbon.
Printed but faint

I got the printer working! The final issue was the power supply. The seller included a unit that outputs 19.5V, but I needed 24V. I connected my variable benchtop model, which provided enough power to melt the ribbon to the cards. When I reduced the voltage to 22.5V, I got excellent results.
Pretty badge

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