2024-05-05 (Su) EleKSCo Tournament knife repair day 2

Last year, I supplied three knives to the tournament table, and we barely made it to the end with a usable pair. I wanted a fourth knife for this year, so I gathered parts. I considered using the same thin ABS tube for the handle but decided on clear polycarbonate tubing.
Parts for a new knife

The electronics came from a damaged knife, and I already had an endcap. Most of the work came from modifying the training knife. I cut off the handle with a jigsaw, then shaped the remaining plastic with a razor knife. It had to fit inside the polycarbonate tube. I drilled seven holes in the tube to hold the blade, endcap, and switch, then assembled it. The final assembly step was adding aluminum tape to the blade.
Refurbished tournament knives

Hackaday.io EleKSco page.
Thingiverse page for switch adapter.
GitHub EleKSco repo.
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