2015-07-16 (Th) RFID Implant COMPLETED

This post involves a body modification. If that's not your thing you may want to stop reading now.

Enough background.

On Thursday another chip was implanted. This chip was different than the NFC chip implanted 1 year and 1 day (366 days) ago. NFC works great with smart phones which have built-in readers so the readers are common. On the other hand (figuratively, not literally) programmable RFID chips like mine can use simple readers which cost only a few dollars. When those cheap readers are coupled with inexpensive Arduino controllers it's cheap to automate of security equipment. Granted, this chip is less functional than the NFC and older technology which is easier to hack but great for DIY projects.

Since the implant was meant for projects it was implanted on the outside of the hand making it easy to press against a reader. I have not seen a video for a procedure like this done before but I know the location is common.

Outside of hand an hour after implantation

My history with implants has always involved fainting so I appreciate my piercer's bedside manners. For this minor procedure he had a second person in the room in case I toppled. No one fainted! Fainting is one trend I am glad to see broken. The procedure was captured on video and took less than 30 seconds from the point of being asked "Ready?" and withdrawing the needle leaving the glass tag under my skin to become a part of me.

High resolution close up of needle site. Very neat

Zooming in on site

Getting the needle

First implant
Second implant
Third implant

First time here?

Completed projects from year 1.
Completed projects from year 2

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