2015-07-17 (F) Weekly Summary

Two things were completed this week! Very cool. The first was for a cute and adorable little cat and the second was the opposite and involved a needle going into my skin. Variety = spice, life.

Continuing from last week, the cat toy project had the complicated mirror/magnet arrangement replaced with a 2-axis servo configuration. This allowed the laser to be pointed anywhere on a wall but the reaction time was slowed compared to the mirror. Slower reaction was fine since it's not necessary to move the laser almost instantaneously. Hobby servos are easy to control with Arduinos and there is a library included with the code to make it simple.

2-Axis servo mount

Demonstrating servo/laser configuration

A case was made for the Arduino by cutting apart a baseball card container. Baseball card holders are great project boxes because of their size but they are unfortunately brittle so cutting and drilling on them is difficult. With the enclosure built a stand was cobbled together with a couple pieces of 1/2" PVC and a right angle adapter. PVC pieces were left loose in the adapter so the angle could be adjusted if desired. Schematics were drawn so anyone could copy this project but a more detail instruction set was not created.

Laser point moving around wall

Enclosure glued to PVC stand

Schematic for cat toy

The final project was not as close with the cute & cuddly factor. It was another implant which I'm happy to have. Now my left hand has four implants.

  1. First implant. Silicone coated magnet
  2. Second implant. 2x12mm NFC 
  3. Third implant. m31 magnet
  4. Fourth implant. 1.5x8mm RFID
RFID covers a lot of devices but this a T5577 reprogrammable chip. Instead of having a static serial number this chip can be rewritten. NFC operates at 13.56MHz while this chip operates at 125kHz. There is plenty of space between the two chips in my left hand but the two signals are not supposed to interfere with one another even when in close proximity.

Implant site. Nothing gory happened [Click For High Resolution]

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