2016-05-19 (Th) Firefly Tattoo COMPLETED

I am particular about my body mods. No tattoo on my body is about the past, they are all about who I AM or who I hope to BECOME, they are about the present or future. My chest has two symbols which I use to identify myself and my ribcage has the ISBN code for two books I self-published. The goal is to tattoo all the ISBN codes for works published by me so it’s an incomplete list until I die.
Enough background.

My implants (one, two , three, four) have all been functional. The magnets allow me to sense strong magnetic fields and the RFID implants allow me to access computers. Those are currently the pinnacle of voluntary functional body mods. My most recent implant is not so much functional as it is just too darn cool. I have what the creator calls a Firefly tattoo. Read this before you worry about the toxicity.

This mod isn’t functional except for finding my hand in the dark. It is purely cosmetic but also exciting because I’m one of the first 100 people to get this upgrade.

If you’ve read some of my other implantation stories I have a nasty habit of passing out. Last time this wasn’t the case so I was hoping my bad streak was over. Nope. The needle stick wasn’t bad. I got it in the middle of my right hand, to avoid bones and large veins, and it went in cleanly. Of course I went to my usual piercer, Shane, in Saint Cloud. Once the implant was in Shane moved it around a little bit and feeling the implant move under my skin is what made me pass out. Apparently my eyes stay wide open when I pass out. Unfortunately no one was recording when that happened because I was as white as a sheet. Once I woke up things were fine. Shane said the whole was a little on the large side so he added a single suture.

Shane and his assistant watched me until he gauged that I was ready to move. Finally we went to the bathroom so he could see his work glowing under the skin. We both thought it was pretty cool. After that I was pretty hungry so I took my girlfriend out for Indian food and I was ravenous. It was quite a day.

Installation video. A little harder to insert than the last one

The morning after. No regrets

Dark picture but completely unedited.
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/2.83
 Shutter: 16sec

Animation. Ambient light levels were decreased to show light intensity and position

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