2017-10-18 (W) Charged: DesertIrish

If you're not familiar with this book, read this otherwise you'll just be reading spoilers below.

Things calm down after the adventure in Vegas. Dawson stays with Vani and just experiences the home life of her and Agnes. Agnes is clearly more buttoned-down than Vani and part of that was being born in a different era. In one instance she quotes the bible whereas Vani knows ABOUT the bible rather than specific passages like Agnes.

Vani's spontaneous personality breaks out again when she opens a portal below a waterfall, not the direct path of water, just some spray, to drench Dawson as a joke. Agnes found this funny but was also annoyed at the mess on the floor. This theme of messy floors carried over when Dawson offered to fly Agnes from Alabama to Minnesota and even let her fly, in the meantime, Vani said she would help Agnes clean the floor in her bedroom which was littered with project parts from a hard night's work.


To do:
  • Describe a reality TV show which demonstrates the powers of contestants.
  • Describe a civil trial where a Charged person sues for the right to have a second identity but the case turns against him into a vilification of vigilantism.

Today’s word count: 1 500 words
Total word count: 144 591 + 74 554 = 219 145 words

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