2017-11-24 (F) Weekly Summary

It occurred to me that not everyone reading this blog is willing to read through all the previous blogs in order to catch up to the current day and there are a lot of past blogs about Charged: DesertIrish. To help people understand what is happening, I wrote an introduction to Charged: DesertIrish which encourages people to start the story and it gives some background about why I started and what makes it important to me.

For everyone reading along, here are the spoilers for the week.

Dawson got to see the progress on his ship which was nearly complete. It surprised him how far along it was since the majority of the structure was built. With the help of everyone's Charge, it was very fast work.

While the ship was parked in the forest clearing, the flight core was charging and absorbing energy from any object which moved downward. Flo took the opportunity to jump off a broken tree but it made her a bit queasy like her innards weren't moving at the same speed as the rest of her. While everyone else was distracted outside, Dawson and Vani had a quickie in the ship.

Vani pointed out that Dawson's mood had changed from that morning when he was a "crabby babby" and that his friends and family were respsonsible for cheering him up. He thought she meant he shouldn't be crabby but her point was that his friends and family could be relied on when he wasn't feeling well.

On Monday, Dawson showed up for work like everyone else. He didn't have a specific task but Head asked for his help getting the bridge's video working and a couple repair tasks propped up. Dawson was also surprised by how soon they would be ready for a flight test.

Charged: DesertIrish

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