2017-12-16 (Sa) Weekly Summary

Episode forty-one celebrated the birth of Tim’s daughter. In true 2xCb fashion, Tim told me about the things he has done to try to give her an edge. Instead of just telling some of the things he does for her, he explained his reasoning and approach which was so unlike any parent I’ve listened to, I had to ask him to make it a show. Check out episode 041.
Brian - Left _____ Tim - Right

It occurred to me that not everyone reading this blog is willing to read through all the previous blogs in order to catch up to the current day and there are a lot of past blogs about Charged: DesertIrish. To help people understand what is happening, I wrote an introduction to Charged: DesertIrish which encourages people to start the story and it gives some background about why I started and what makes it important to me.

For everyone reading along, here are the spoilers for the week.

I hope you read the notice about spoilers.

Motor was killed in the book. Characters in Charged don’t have the option to come back to life. Once a character passes on, that’s that. Motor hit that point after he was gunned down at a gas station while getting supplies for the ship.

In my mind, Motor was going to develop into a much stronger character able to convert machinery with a touch and improvise highly-functional machines at a moment’s notice. Instead, I followed the natural course of the story and he died.

Motor’s death did more than just darken the story, it was a chance for Dawson to redeem himself as a leader. So far, he rarely took command and usually let others fight or command in his place. This doesn’t make a particularly good character so Motor’s death was a springboard for Dawson to become a commanding character with a mission more important than losing his first ship.

Dawson commands the crew to track the ONYX car by plotting the most logical routes they would take on the highway then using portals to get there and scope the highway. They find the car and unleash a barrage of gunfire which destroys the car. ONYX men are remarkably durable for an as-of-yet-unknown reason. One man even takes direct gunfire and shrugs it off. Amos, formerly known as Head, implements extraordinary piloting ability to use the ship itself to destroy two of the men.



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