2019-07-02 (Tu) PillarGame

The motor mount designed yesterday was not difficult to shop for, but the length of the rods was unknown since real measurements were used, just a sketch to visualize the idea. Long 10-32 machine screws from the hardware store and nuts became the rods fastened to the angle braces and motor, which made a sound structure.
Motors on angle braces

A few different configurations were tested. The first was a 4" (100mm) machine screw in the outermost brace holes which placed the motors too far apart. 2" (50mm) machine screws in the innermost position were much too close. In the end, it was worth a second trip to the hardware store for 3" (75mm) screws.
Motors and mount in position

Mounting the angle braces 45° from their usual orientation was the hardest part. A scrap 2x4 had a corner cut off making a long piece with a right triangle profile. Divots were cut into the triangular piece where the screw heads could rest so the braces would lie flush against the wood. Through the center, a 5/16" (8mm) hole was drilled for the pillar's rod.
Wooden platform pieces

Everything fit well, but the height of the triangle wood interfered with the pillar. It should be no trouble to cut this down.
Motor mount interfering with pillar

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