2021-08-10 (Tu) 24EngSilentKeyboard Hardware Selection

Editing and spending time in the recording space reminded me that keyboards are noisy. Pressing a button to start recording leaves a blip, and releasing is almost as bad. I used touch-screen computers before, and that works well, but not in this case. I plan to make a simple keyboard for recording tasks from a capacitive sensing board and an Arduino Micro. The most challenging part of this project should be the 3D-printed enclosure.

I can buy a genuine Arduino Micro at the nearby surplus store for $6, which is excellent. The problem is that they're awfully big and needlessly powerful for what I'm building. I dug through my microcontroller bins and found a Digispark clone. Their site said that I2C was supported and wouldn't interfere with communication or the onboard LED. On top of the smaller size, the clones are half the price of an already cheap Micro.
Hardware selection

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