2021-08-27 (F) Weekly Summary

I've decided that the best way to move forward is to edit all the voice dialogue for the first book, then record it all. I edited chapter three, and I'm getting better at the process, but it goes a lot better with two screens when I can see the edited comic version and the original voice play.
Chapter three documents

YouTube showed me a suggestion for GingerOfOz and his PS2 Slim conversion to a portable gaming unit. The overall look and polish astounded me, and I wrote up an article for his work.

Chapter four had an integral part for Marigold, the robot cat. In the voice play, Marigold speaks by tweaking power to their purring mechanism, which sounds awful. My editor didn't like it, so the cat speaks through a cell phone in the comic.
Chapter four documents

Chapter five had a few new issues. The first thing was that I added some action, and Ness spills coffee on themselves during a bout of microgravity. Showing that is easy, but I had to add dialogue to clarify, which was the first time converting the comic script to voice play material.
Chapter five documents

Chapter six went smoothly, but I think it will help me move faster if I read through each document completely before editing. Despite going through the edited version carefully, I don't see many places I need to change.
Chapter six documents

Chapter seven is where the radio play and comic will diverge slightly. I have some interesting conversations, but I think I can cut them for the comic, and it will still make sense.
Chapter seven documents

The rest of the summary posts have been arranged by date.
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