2021-10-08 (F) Weekly Summary

I edited chapter ten's dialogue with Grammarly and then cut it down a bit to make it flow organically. I have been dreading uploading this because I knew that GitHub was a terrible place to host since only people who read this blog would even know to look. I started an Apple podcast, and the first episode was released.
Podcast logo

Chapter ten was the first I recorded after hearing myself in the editing phase, and I think that exposure helped me do the best voices yet. My expression was more pronounced than in earlier chapters.
Chapter ten

Chapter ten is the last episode in the first act of this story and the shortest. I took my time with the OST and plotted out three moods, but I decided to add one in the middle of the chapter, and it came out better with four.
Chapter ten with OST

I started a new music project. The EWC_Panels leverage the programming from the Electronic Wind Chimes, but these will create short loops instead of perpetually generating pseudo-random notes. Another difference is that there will be multiple physical units instead of a single controller.
EWC_Panel concept

The timer will be the starting point of this system. Its sole purpose will be to send out MIDI sync signals periodically. A seven-segment display will show the time, and eight buttons will adjust the delay in milliseconds. I jotted down the pseudo-code for the timer.
Timer pseudo code

I wrote pseudocode for the instrument device next. I thought this would be basic, but all the prandom numbers and note compatibility checking generated two pages of notes.
Instrument pseudo code, page one

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