2021-12-11 (Sa) EWC_Panel Addressable LEDs

I imported Adafruit's NeoPixel code and ran their simple example that turned each LED green at half intensity. When it lit the roughly 200th light, the system rebooted. The panels drew so much power that the controller experienced a brown-out condition. I soldered the wires, so it took a few reboots before I got lucky, and it accepted a new program where the lights still showed green, but this time they were limited to less than 10% of their total power.

When I want to play with these addressable lights, I pull out an old function that assigns an RGB combination based on a number from 0-767. I created it to come up with pseudo-random colors. The problem with making random numbers for red, green, and blue is that many lights will have three similarly-sized numbers that look off-white. My code ensures that there are never more than two non-zero values. I added a new feature to set a maxBrightness variable to keep the eye-searing photons down, but it will reduce the resolution. I tested the algorithm out by continuously assigning new colors to each light. This way, I could ensure that all the lights worked and check which order they activated. When I installed the panels, they had some over-wide edges, and I wanted them adjacent, so I had to rotate them. In retrospect, that was not wise since I can't use the upper left corner as my origin for all the coordinates.
Pseudo-random colors on the light panels

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