2021-12-13 (M) EWC_Panel Coding the rotated LED panel funtion

Nothing worked when I connected my external power source to the micro USB port. The project would shut down if I were powering it from the computer. My USB power brick would promptly shut itself off if the box were already off. I suspected that I connected the Vcc and GND backward, and when I disassembled it, I was correct. I reconnected my wires in the proper order, and everything powered up correctly.

I coded my pseudo-code to take X-Y coordinates and turn them into an LED number. As I mentioned last time, this was a problem because I installed the panels at the wrong angle. The first panel's code worked immediately after I correctly named all the variables, but it skipped the middle section. The problem was a math error. When I calculated the X-coordinate in my paper tests, I used the column on the panel, not the absolute number based on multiple sections. I corrected the oversight, and all my panels displayed lights based on cartesian coordinates. I rewrote the example code to turn on pseudo-random colors across the whole spectrum and then turn them off in the same order.
Lights getting a pseudo-random color in order

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