2021-12-20 (M) EWC_Panel Best tempo reading possible on drum machine

I started rewriting code to identify the incoming tempo now that I wasn't skipping messages. Since I limited the finest adjust to 5bpm, I added a function to calculate the nearest five-divisible number. Despite the coarse nature, I saw the tempo jump from 60 to 70, and when I looked at the recorded times, it would jump from 57 to 67. These times might average out, so I researched averaging the incoming values and saw an elegant snippet. When I pumped my readings through the function, the result was very stable, as shown in the image below when transmitting 50bpm. As I turned up the frequency, my output became skewed. Even though it was proportional, I didn't feel like subtracting fractions each time. Instead of interpreting the reading and playing based on the calculated rate, I will rely on the presence of the timing signal and advance the melody every sixth clock command.
Reliably reading 50bpm

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