2021-12-29 (W) EWC_Panel MIDI solo port experiment

I needed a way to test my outgoing MIDI code to see if the "Solo" port worked. I opened the latest copy of my drum machine's code and stripped out everything exclusive to that device. The second serial port code had to go, but I added a couple of lines about switching a digital input during note transmissions. I connected my timer panel, but the standard output port wasn't working on my experimental setup. I checked with my tester, and it said I connected the wires backward, so I reversed them. Now, my timer signals flowed through continuously, and my program added occasional notes, which I heard on the synth. The Solo port sounded the same through the synth. My tester glowed red with occasional green blips, which is what I would expect since it rests in reverse polarity and only goes high for the new notes.
Notes showing green

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