2022-01-07 (F) Weekly Summary

I used to waste a lot of time on garbage-web sites like 9gag, and I happened across a video of someone who made a handheld string shooter. It was a neat bauble, and I went down a rabbit hole on YouTube to convince myself I shouldn't make my own. The eighty-foot version was worth a write-up.

I happened across this at Thingiverse, and it caught my eye for being such a simple print that does an excellent job of powering prototypes with minimal hassle. A couple of test wires sit in the device, which goes into a USB port, and you get power.

Helping a homeless person or family doesn't have to be financial. These stoves cost approximately seven USD and run on denatured alcohol, but in a pinch, hand sanitizer works too.

Back to work on the Electronic WindChimes. I cut some hardboard to fit in my lunch box, then drilled and cut holes for my operators. I learned my lessons last time, used power tools for all my cutting, and stopped that nonsense about cutting with a razor knife.
Rough instrument faceplate

There were fewer components than the drum machine, and the button pad only needed a hole since the back was adhesive. The "Velocity" slider cap doesn't hold by itself, so I'll probably need a redesign soon.
Populated faceplate

I wired all the devices to the faceplate. The button pad needed eight wires, so I chopped four male-male DuPont wires in half and used those. I did a similar thing with a couple of female-female leads and the display. I still have those pesky MIDI ports to contend with.
All wired from the top

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