2022-01-09 (Su) EWC_Panel Instrument panel constructed

I cut a piece of hardboard smaller than the lunchbox floor. This one wouldn't have to fit snuggly and won't be visible, so it can slightly move around and look sloppy. I used my previous template to designate six support positions for long M3 bolts. The spots are where I expect to put downward pressure, like the touchpad, but out of the way of wires.
Support screws

I struggled with the short wires from the incoming MIDI port, but I used some low-melt solder sleeves and reconnected them. I opted to desolder the connector wires on the two outgoing connectors instead of cutting them. Even though the wires won't be visible, it was a cleaner job. I passed the conductors out of the port holes and reconnected them to their terminals with fresh shrink wrap. One was missing a limiting resistor, so I added that, but I neglected to install a diode in line with the Solo port. The faceplate wouldn't sit flat because the wires below propped it up, so I jammed a piece of closed-cell foam along one side and wedged it in place.
The first instrument panel

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