2022-01-24 (M) EWC_Panel Adafruit library, again

My incoming MIDI signal was spotty. I thought it might be my imagination, but it cut in and out when I pulled on the USB↔serial converter. When I peeked inside the panel, I found a broken solder joint, which I repaired. The memory issues were still plaguing the project, so I swapped out the semi-functional GuyverOLED library for the quasi-functional Adafruit library. The memory issues went away, but the screen again gave me the allocation problem. Going back to the Adafruit version, I had to convert my convoluted instrument array list to a long switch() case, eliminating the allocation problem, but the screen remained blank. I had to dig into an older version of the working code where I recalled that if I didn't assign a color to the text, the Adafruit library wouldn't show anything. I rectified that issue and tightened up my alignment issues. When I uncommented my function for generating a melody, the allocation problems reemerged. Yay :-|
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