2022-01-31 (M) RangerRouge Parts

Grindfest 2022 is on the calendar, and I'll be presenting again. This year I'll be guiding a workshop where folks build distance sensing devices that give haptic feedback. In this case, a couple of inexpensive distance sensors will point out from their hand, and some servo motors will press proportionally according to the distance of the nearest object. So, if someone walks down a hallway, the device will relax when they're pointing their hand toward the air, but it will press hard when they're facing a wall. I've made similar before, and as I mentioned then, I copied this design from other sources, including Make: magazine and the Bottlenose project from Grindhouse Wetware.

I gathered parts for my next go at this idea, but this time I'll be designing it with the mindset of presenting it at a workshop and helping folks make their own. I've decided to get Arduino Nano clones since they're small but easy for beginners to program. The motors are the cheapest servos I can find, and the distance sensors are also inexpensive. Power will come from a 9V battery since they're affordable enough to give away and powerful enough to work for a day. Users will turn off their devices by unplugging the battery. I plan to design a laser-cut platform and mount everything to the top.
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