2022-02-11 (F) Weekly Summary

I started a couple of video channels to share my pseudo-random beats. The first was YouTube, but it was cumbersome to upload videos. The second channel was TikTok, and if I recorded on my phone, it was simple to make entries.
TikTok channel page and YouTube channel

I had an idea for a PRandom Beats logo. Actually, I had two, but I liked the version that was a pair of jointed notes, but the staff of the second has a zig-zag which is the schematic symbol for a resistor. I think the jagged lines hint at randomness.
Laser etched PRandomBeats logo

The third platform started to look like a cyclops skull, which is not intentional. I elongated the holes where the servo horns poked through and widened the wheels that pressed on the user.
V0.03 plate drawing

I had to fight with my house's wiring, which foolishly tapped off the bathroom's GFI circuit to feed the outlets in an adjacent room. I spent wood cutting three copies. I lost the first to power loss, the second had incomplete cuts on the interior features, but the third worked.
Underside of V0.03

I sketched the circuit I plan to build. I wasn't going to draw this because it's simple enough, but I reconsidered when I thought about teaching this to a workshop of folks less familiar with the hardware.
Schematic sketch

I soldered all my components to an Arduino, but in the process, I decided that the workshop should use header plugs, so I'll probably make another version with pins.
Wires soldered directly to Arduino

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