2022-02-18 (F) Weekly Summary

I bought some budget controllers to test their suitability, but they required a driver install, and I didn't know about their compatibility across other platforms. I figured I should stick to a demo board with a good reputation. I was OK with the install for my testing and got a blink example running.
Connected and uploaded

I tried to test the distance sensors, but the cheap controllers didn't have a serial monitor, so I focused on the servos first. I confused myself with metric prefixes, but I got them moving.
Program moving servo

RemoteFinishLine sketch

Schematic of on-hand parts

Laser cutting takes time, and keeping my computer tied up was impractical. I connected an old Windows box to carry the load, but I had to deal with the kind of problems you encounter when resurrecting an old machine.
Dedicated Computer

I drafted an enclosure for the parts. I determined the overall size from the most prominent components on the face, like the display and light ring.
Enclosure draft

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