2022-02-26 (Sa) RemoteFinishLine The problem with small controllers

I kept getting instances where my distance sensor code detected a nearby object, so I required that it be closer than 75% of the space I was monitoring. Bumping the unit toward the wall shouldn't trigger anything, and slight misreadings off the wall shouldn't bother anything. I didn't see much difference, so I brainstormed three more ways to ignore these readings. The first was to accumulate several subsequent close-reads, the next was to average many measurements, or I could look for a few close-reads after the first one. It turned out that any measurement that timed out reported a zero, which was responsible for the nuisance tripping. I confirmed this by blocking the transducers with a finger, and my serial feedback confirmed my suspicions. The "beam break" code seems good for now.

I ran into low-memory issues because I was going over 100% of the chip's banks. I deleted the LCD library, and it went down to 73%; without the NeoPixel library, it goes to 75%; without either, the program still requires 50%. I eliminated the lights for now, but when I tried to use the serial port, I went up to 99%. I will need a controller with more memory.
Insufficient MH-Tiny memory

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