2022-06-19 (Su) I'm back

The drive from Minnesota to California was horrible and exciting. I don't enjoy driving, and the trip was roughly thirty hours, so I gave myself three days. I planned to stop each night whenever I got weary and do some writing in a hotel room wherever I landed, but I got sick of the driving immediately and decided to push through and sleep in my car the first two nights. The last stretch of the trip was the best because I found a wayside rest with some hungry ground squirrels who appreciated low-sodium sunflower seeds and tolerated me handing them over personally.
Dining with the locals

I went offline nearly three months ago, and I've enjoyed the rest, but it's time to get back to work. I had a lull where I convinced myself I was resting up and getting things done around the new apartment in the new city, but I got less and less accomplished. The living room started as a warehouse for moving boxes, and it's still rimmed with cardboard, but it's usable. My wise friend pointed out that as someone who loves creating and building, I can have a little crisis when I fail to do those things, and it's easy to spiral in a dangerous direction.
There is a living room under there, I promise

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