2022-06-21 (Tu) PrandomBeats Free-play notes and drums

My mother has a set of bells tuned to the pentatonic scale, so they always sound harmonious, no matter what order I play them. The concept of scales that don't allow notes to sound flat or sharp has been a core belief in the Electronic WindChimes projects, and I wanted to recreate that simplicity with the Akai drum sampler. The pentatonic scale has a base note and five higher-pitches ones for six, but the drum machine has eight pads, so I made the two on the left a kick drum and a snare. I added a plucked string sound to my card and tuned it six different ways to create the scale from a single sample, meaning I can replace that sound file and change the "instrument" at will. I played a little, and it sounded pretty good.
Playing a little tune

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