2022-07-01 (F) Weekly Summary

I got a cluster of wireless LEDs implanted at Grindfest 2022. We arranged the lights into a triangle so they won't flip. Power comes from an external coil, so no batteries are under my skin.
Wireless LEDs under my skin

I sketched the circuit I've been using to power the power coil. All the parts came from my stock. The most notable feature is a diode that lets me run everything while charging the battery.
Slapdash coil power

I started a flashy arm brace to show off the lights. I can also use it to hold pens and lightweight tools, but it's mostly a demonstration piece.
Trying to look futuristic

I designed a suspender for the bottom of my arm that should be comfortable and hide the LED-powering coil without looking suspicious.
Kydex for comfort

I assessed my freehanded attempt at cutting plastic sheets with a jigsaw, and it was some steamy garbage. I cut the shapes out of wood, and I'll use them as a template to cut the plastic neatly.
Plan B: wood templates

I managed to cut out the Kydex cleanly with a rotary tool. I clamped the template to the plastic with a cardboard spacer, which was close enough to a proper jig to trace the outline and produce a piece that looks machine-milled (if you squint your eyes).
Not quite a router

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