2022-07-02 (Sa) RangerRogue Laser tests

I bought some 1/4" (6mm) pine plywood because I hoped it would cut easier than birch, and it was less expensive. After moving to California, I couldn't find my power adapter, so I replaced that. I made some circles in LightBurn, the engraving program, and started cutting. The first circle had crisp edges, but it didn't cut through. The following rings had fuzzy lines and still didn't cut. Last, I tried a straight segment with many passes and had no luck. I tried adjusting the laser height from right off the board to a few millimeters above, but I couldn't get anything to work.
Line cutting
Closeup of scorching

I knew the laser was cutting partway through the wood, so I ordered some 1/8" (3mm) boards. These basswood slabs accepted engraving and cut easily, but I layered two to get some strength. Fortunately, only the top board needed lettering.
Cutting and engraving 3mm basswood sheets

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