2022-08-05 (F) Weekly Summary

I grabbed a suggestion from the HaD tip line. It was about engraving brass plates with electrolysis. Metal etching has been a tedious chore, and chemical disposal was a headache, so salt water and electricity seemed like it was worth a look.

Sometimes a project is more about learning the components, and watching this builder create a puzzle-solving robot taught me about a few pieces of helpful hardware.

I dug up my oldest images which contained the "Clue" prompts for things like "preserved eyeball" and "occult books." Some of them urged me on at the early stages, but I tried to select ones that players would enjoy.
Animation of Clue cards

I planned to put ghosts in the rooms and a poltergeist in the hallway, which did more damage, but I decided to generate a bunch of monster pictures and use those. I'm glad I went this way.
Monster card animation

The "Recovery" images differed because there were sets of five but three different tiers. I generated many meditation pictures and grouped them according to how other-worldly they felt.
Animation of Recovery cards

I designed a rule pamphlet to match the tarot cards in size when folded up. I picked new pictures for the house on the left and right, which I won't use anywhere else. The back is another unique house image stretched to the correct size.
Rules insert

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