2022-08-20 (Sa) 24EngPowerStation AC COMPLETE

I bought a portable screwdriver and drill and picked Milwaukee's M12 line because I've had good luck with their tools in the past. The clincher was the availability of 3rd party adapter that lets people use the batteries to operate Power Wheels, the child-sized motorized cars. The M12 tools run at 12V, hence the name, and many automobile electronics can use my spare batteries. The first item I wanted to convert was a well-reviewed power inverter with four USB ports.
Inverter and adapter plate

The battery adapter has a removable plate, and I translated those holes to the back. I removed the back plate to drill them. After pilot-drilling the spots, I used an 11/64" (4mm) drill bit. I chose countersunk M4 bolts because I had a variety of lengths on hand, and they closely matched the adapter plate. When I found a suitable size, I tightened nuts on the inside of the inverter plate and added a layer of Kapton tape to prevent shorts inside. After I sealed it all back up, I used a lever-locking wire nut to connect the stripped ends of the inverter's cord and the battery pack's conductors.

I tested with my receptacle checker, which showed an open ground and a lighted USB stick. The LEDs were too powerful for the camera, so I rested some 1.5mm thick basswood over the device, but everything worked. Now I can power small 120V loads anywhere, which is good news because my laptop battery has failed.
Successful operation

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