2022-08-26 (F) Weekly Summary

I wanted a portable receptacle for charging mobile devices or powering a laptop. I looked for a highly-rated inverter on Amazon and found a compact one with USB ports. I connected an adapter that uses the 12-volt batteries from my power tools, and the tidy unit works splendidly.
Working battery-powered inverter

I don't always need AC, so I designed a unit that used the same batteries but would be like a benchtop power supply. I bought another battery adapter and an adjustable DC-DC supply.
Vector drawing for front and back faces

The unit came together nicely. I can hold it comfortably, and the adjustable converter is capable and accurate. If I did this again, I would include banana plugs, but I picked a barrel connector for this try.
Front with accurate voltage

I received the first printed copy of Distorted Mansion. Everything looked amazing! I started a list of improvements, and a second prototype will be forthcoming. Most of the alterations are for the box and rule booklet.
Proofing copy of Distorted Mansion

I asked my friend to help with the rules, and he had great advice. After a session, he gave me suggestions about improving gameplay. The best advice was that each turn should feel critical, and we discussed how that might happen.
Notes from a game session

I started with the rule revisions, which might be negated later, but I'd like to have a usable set before I change them, and there need two changes at once.
Latest rule revision

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