2022-09-02 (F) Weekly Summary

I revised the back of the box by adding a picture of the game in play and a UPC. I also changed the colored crystals, so the photograph isn't accurate.
Box bottom with game play and UPC

I kept losing track of where everyone was during testing, so I created a square location marker for each player. One side matches the HALLWAY cards, and the other says ROOM.
Front and back of card

I took a break from Distorted Mansion to work on a sporty project. I wanted to make a sail for my longboard. South San Francisco has two skating resources: hills and wind. Electric boards seem fantastic, but sails are distinctive. I mocked up an animation of how I want to deploy a couple of sails because they have to be quick to store, or the wind will blow me off my board.
Conceptual animation

The most critical piece will be a hinge between a couple of fiberglass rods. I couldn't find anything that clamped to 5/16" rods and swiveled, so I gathered some 8mm CNC parts and made something.
Cobbled-together bearing mounts

The CNC pieces didn't stay put, and I had to devise a way to keep everything from twisting out of position. I cut up some aluminum bar stock to limit the directions the bearing could spin. It also made my fingers dirty in a gradient.
Aluminum plates and dirty fingers

I put the CNC parts on hold because I found a swivel for boat anchor chains with 8mm holes. They would have been perfect, except they had a threaded end that didn't fit the rods, so I was left to drill them out. Drilling stainless steel is awful. Just terrible.
Modified (left) and factory (right)

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