2022-10-18 (Tu) PoweredInlineSkates REV1 COMPLETE

The skates pulled to the left because the front wheel sat at an angle. The twist was so slight that I thought the skates were clumsy because of the height, but I subconsciously turned my foot out continuously. I loosened the bolts securing the plastic frame to the metal interface and flexed them into position. It took two tries, but I was happy with the adjustment. I also noticed that my right foot tended to push to the left because I was accelerating on that side. After the changes, I took it easy on the accelerator, which was easy to steer.
Loosening one side

The brakes were on the left side of the wheel, and the motor wires were on the right. If I held the bundle to either side, one dragged on the wheel but, fortunately, never snagged. I added a couple of zip ties to hold the cables upright by fastening them to boot vents. I didn't need to cinch them tightly, but I kept a little slack.
Cable wrangling

I went for a test and exercised the throttle with hard accelerations and an incline. I noticed a significant power loss on a shallow hill. I don't know if the issue was a depleted battery or a thermal reducer on the controller. I returned, and none of the electronics were hot but warm. I am keeping everything inside a backpack, so I may need added ventilation.
Warm, but not hot

After the hard ride, I put the 12V 6AH battery in a tool to test their remaining charge, and they were 50% depleted. I plan to improve my power delivery system, and if the power tool batteries cannot provide enough instantaneous current, I can swap them out for a more robust supply.
Not even a long trip

I'd like to see where I can go with a more powerful battery and skates that aren't nine inches (23 cm) tall and wobbly. I am afraid to let anyone else wear these because they put so much strain on the ankles, but everything in this project is finished. I have a pair of working PoweredInlineSkates, a swappable battery supply, and functional brakes.
Testing video (0:22)

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